What is Cybersecurity?

With daily reports of data breaches in the news, securing your network can feel like a massive undertaking. The rapid proliferation of new technology provides people with many new opportunities. However, this growing dependence on IT makes cyberthreats a global problem.

As a small to medium-sized business, protecting your data is essential to your success. The best way to prevent your data from being compromised is by investing in cybersecurity services through a professional IT company. At Werner Technology Solutions (partnered with Kaspersky, WebRoot, and WatchGuard Security Firewalls), we understand the cyber threat landscape and our team of experts will detect and neutralize all forms of malicious programs. We’ll keep sensitive business information and client data safe – and out of the wrong hands. 


Collaboration is the most effective way to fight cybercriminals. We believe there are no borders to providing security. To this end, we share our expertise, knowledge, and innovations with the world’s security community.

We are proud to collaborate with global IT security vendors, international organizations, and national and regional law enforcement agencies all over the world in fighting cybercrime.

Decrease cybersecurity risks and secure your information systems today. Already under attack? Contact us to find out how we can help you mitigate the damage and recover your data.

Prevent security breaches before they get to your network.

✓ Security & firewall
✓ Anti-virus & anti-phishing
✓ Cybersecurity assessment
✓ Hacking Prevention
✓ Data protection
✓ Incident response to cyber risks
✓ Reliable and secure website
✓ Prevention of identity theft
✓ Malicious code protection
✓ Computer security
✓ Information security
✓ Prevention of data breaches

Cyber Attacks. Ransomware. Eliminated.

What is your business information worth? That’s an unfortunate question that many business owners must weigh when faced with ransomware attacks.  This type of malware has become a lucrative option for many cyber extortionists. When the malware is active, it encrypts and locks your files and allows criminals to demand payment to release them. Occurrences of ransomware are becoming increasingly common, making your cybersecurity strategies more important than ever.

Werner Technology Solutions has been using Kaspersky for many years and has found them to be the very best.

Get started with Cybersecurity Services

The cornerstone of our business strategy is to transform our leading security intelligence into real protection for our clients, to address current and emerging cyber threats. Our portfolio encompasses solutions to suit a wide range of customers. At Werner Technology Solutions, we protect consumers, small companies, medium-sized businesses and enterprises from different types of threats and provide them with convenient tools to control and manage their security.

Your customers rely on you to protect their personal information from falling into the hands of those who wish to do harm. We’re here to help protect your business and your clients. Contact us to learn more about how to best defend your network against cyber attacks. Or fill out the form below for a free quote.